Since being chartered in October 1972, our Club has developed a proud record of serving the local community and supporting a wide range of international projects.

Membership consists of a mix of individuals with a background in business, government, non-government organizations and the professions, many of whom are retired.

While very serious about fund-raising and organizing various events and projects with the aim of making a difference to the lives of others, we enjoy good fellowship (and fun) and work collaboratively with other Rotary and service Clubs including Lions and Alstonville Inner wheel. 

The previous commitment to weekly business meetings has been relaxed somewhat in favour of project and event support with optional social evenings and interesting vocational excursions. 

Although we raise funds to support local charities our principal activities in this region include our extensive Youth Program, The 2477 Fundraising Calendar and the Northern Rivers Science and Engineering Challenge for primary and secondary students.  We also respond rapidly to those impacted by natural disaster supporting ShelterBox (our Rotary International partner), or fund-raising to support local disaster victims (e.g. bushfires, flood and drought relief).

We have long supported Polio Plus, a program in which Rotary has played a leading role and is close to achieving complete eradication of polio from the world. And we are currently supporting Rotarians Against Malaria, and the search for a malaria vaccine. 

Do you have a passion you'd like to pursue? Why not join us?

The Federal Hotel, Main St, Alstonville


President - Bob Costello

Vice President - Geoff Vidal

Secretary - Mike Greenslade

Treasurer - Geoff Vidal

Community Service Director - Geoff Alexander

Youth Director - Peter Swain

Club Administration - Michele Wallace

Vocational Director - Gordon King

Membership - Aaron Perkins

Foundation - John Barnes